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They have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge - but will never be forgotten!

​​Do you remember our rescued dogs Smokey, Mia, AK, Faith, Sasha and Goldie?  ​
These are some of our rescued dogs that were hard to place into homes for various reasons.  Their lives before they were rescued must have been so traumatic that it left them with behavior issues that prevented them from being adopted.  Each dog has their own sad story.  We took each one of them in with hopes of finding the right home, however, their unpredictable behavior was a concern. 
Each dog started out in a foster home or boarding facility.  Those that needed to be boarded were kept in large runs.  Our dedicated volunteers spent lots of time walking and playing with them on a regular basis.   After spending lots of money on boarding bills and thinking of the dogs spending day after day in their runs was starting to upset us.    It was evident that most of the dogs would be with us for a long time, perhaps even for the rest of their lives. 
So we looked into an upstate retirement facility that we had heard about from other rescue groups and decided that this would be best for the dogs and for us financially.​  The dogs would be living on a large farm with lots of room to run and play and would not be kept in a kennel.  Although they would be hours away from us we really felt this was what we needed to do.  
The dogs have been upstate for years now.   They have learned how to interact with other dogs and are getting plenty of exercise.  We keep in touch with their caretaker by phone and email and receive photos of the dogs from time to time.   It has been difficult to visit them due to the distance but we did manage to see them when we delivered another hard to place dog to the facility.​


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