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From Animal Lovers to Friends to Rescue Partners 

Meet the Directors of Loving Touch, Inc. ​ an All Volunteer, 

Non-Profit,  501 (c) 3 organization founded in February 2000​


We rescued our very first cat, Hobo, a cat we believe was left behind when a neighbor moved, shortly after we (Doreen and Paul) were married in 1987.  Our love for animals was much too strong to stop at just one cat even though we were living paycheck to paycheck.  Taking down information from lost pet flyers, or trying to help find a lost pet, was just something that came natural to us.  


Our next rescue was a litter of newborn kittens that Paul found under a pile of debris at a construction site.  I can still remember when Paul called to tell me that he was bringing home 7 kittens that needed to be bottle fed. So we had to find out what to do and fast.   Wow, was that fun! But those round the clock feedings were a killer, especially when some of the kittens looked identical. We knew we had to have a system.  As they grew, their play area expanded until they had full run of their own room.  Needless to say, we became cat experts very quickly.  


So how about dogs?  As rescue people know, these animals have a way of finding you, whether you're looking or not.    We weren’t really looking when Lucky found us. Paul saved him on the Long Island Expressway in the middle of two way traffic.   The crowd applauded when Lucky (who kept jumping the divider) was lured by a can of cat food and finally lassoed back into Paul's truck. Little did we know that we were headed for our life’s mission, animal rescue.    You can read more about our rescued pets by going to Doreen & Paul's Rescues.  


In 1991 we met a woman that shared our passion for animals. She was starting a rescue group and asked if we would like to be part of it.  We were soon board members of a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization called S.A.V.E. (Silent Animal Voices Echo).  We were active members for 8 years, doing everything from helping with fundraisers, adoption events, raffles, yard sales, luncheons and more.  Our new lifestyle was hectic but very rewarding.  Doreen, Paul & Zulma - SAVE 


In 1995, while working in Flushing, a large number of cats were practically multiplying right in front of me.   I first noticed them in the parking garage, then outside the garage and finally all along Barclay Avenue in a row of homes.  The cats were not spayed or neutered and their caretaker was an elderly woman who could barely care for herself.  This was the start of The Flushing Cats Rescue. 


In 1996, Zulma joined the group as a volunteer.   We began working closely together and became very close friends.   Growing up in the South Bronx made her aware of the many dogs and cats living in packs on the street.  There were kind people in the area that fed them daily but never took them for medical care or gave any of them a home.   Her concern for these animals lead her to doing her own rescue work which involved daily feedings and removing injured animals from the street in order to provide proper vet care.   This was the start of The Bronx Dogs Project.  


Together, we compared notes about our rescue efforts and helped each other as needed.   Both projects were very dear to us but too much for a small organization to handle. We had no choice but to do a lot of it on our own and at our own expense.   After many years and many rescues the thought of branching out to start another group to solely work with these two projects entered our mind.   It was not until the summer of 1999 and the rescue of our beloved mascot Duchess that we KNEW the need for another group was imperative.     And so....... Loving Touch was born in February 2000. 



doreen paul zulma 2024  sized at 400.png
paul doreen zulma 385546885_716718749856757_5165954524961974081_n  GINGER DOREEN PAUL ZULM

Here we are working on our first mailing.

Our friend Angel helped stuff envelopes. 


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