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   Celebrating our 20th (+) Anniversary!

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Get to know them…


Frania Shelley-Grielen is a professional animal behaviorist, trainer and educator who holds a Master’s Degree in Animal Behavior from Hunter College and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from New York University.  She is a licensed Pet Care Technician Instructor, registered therapy dog handler, certified Doggone Safe Bite Safety Instructor, and professional member of the Pet Professional Guild (PPG) and International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE).

Frania specializes in behavior modification work and training with cats, dogs and birds and humane management for urban wildlife, she founded Animal in 2009,  to share her work on  how welfare based, science focused strategies and solutions from the canine and feline point of view are more effective and make everyone happier, including the humans.    


Frania offers 15% discount on services within 3 months of rehoming for pet guardians who have found their pets through rescue organizations. 


Felicia Onofrietti

Background:  I am a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master currently licensed by the State of New York for over 30 years - practicing out of my downtown NY apartment. I am also caretaker to two bossy but sweet companions; a 2-year-old Havanese named Gus, who loves people, and Emily, a feisty miniature parrotlet.

A little about Reiki:  Reiki is non-invasive, hands-on natural healing using the universal life force. The term comes from the Japanese words "rei" meaning universal and "ki" meaning vital life force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki, an abundant, gentle spiritual energy is not tied to any specific religion or nationality.




Roni Shapiro – Healthy Gourmet Vegan Food Delivery Company  

Roni Shapiro is the head chef and owner of Healthy Gourmet To Go.  After apprenticing (and eating!) in some of the best vegan kitchens in NYC, she made her dream come true by opening and then moving Healthy Gourmet To-Go to upstate NY to help promote a cruelty-free & healthy lifestyle in a way that is both, convenient & affordable.

With over 30 years of experience in vegan cooking, she creates decadent meals from whole plant foods with a unique, gourmet flair that leaves you feeling fully satisfied - NOT deprived.

Healthy Gourmet To Go makes it easy and economical to switch to healthy, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly eating.

We are dedicated to creating delicious, healthful meals with the utmost of safety in mind for you and for us.   Employees wear masks and gloves and the entire staff is now fully vaccinated.   Everything is prepared in our gluten-free, vegan facility using the highest quality, plant-based ingredients. Everything is 100% gluten-free, 100% cruelty-free, 95% organic and 100% delicious. 



Whiskers Holistic Petcare 

Founded in 1988, our mission is to bring the benefits of holistic wellness concepts to the universe of companion animals through the education of pet care-givers, and to foster the research, identification and introduction of products and methods to further that aim.

At Whiskers, we operate on four basic principles:

The health and well being of your companion animal, and of all animals in general is our primary concern.

How that companion animal lived and ate in the wild is our model.

Nature is the only perfect system… and the best healer.

Your convenience and cost are major concerns because if it costs too much or is not convenient, you won’t do it.

Whether you are well-versed in the principles of holistic health care or new to the concept, one thing is sure, what we offer in the way of knowledge, products and methods works. We have thousands of success stories to back that up. In today’s world of hype, hysteria and general rip-off atmosphere, we invite you to test our beliefs and methods for your pet’s sake. The worst that can happen is that nothing happens. The best is that you will actively participate in maximizing the health and well being of those who love you without reservation, without the use of toxic, debilitating substances or invasive procedures.




Trader Joe’s – Old Country Road, Garden City, N.Y.

Trader Joe’s is a national chain of neighborhood grocery stores. We are committed to providing our customers outstanding value in the form of the best quality products at the best everyday prices. Through our rewarding products and knowledgeable, friendly Crew Members, we have been transforming grocery shopping into a welcoming journey full of discovery and fun since 1967.



ccscreations1224 on Instagram

Custom Made products for any occasion!




lena Friday -

NYC artist making art and sharing it with the world, I put a bit of my soul in each piece 🗽🎨find it for sale here link below or dm me, thanks!



Doggy Be Good Kennel Camp & Grooming Salon 


Boarding & Daycare


At our facility, we treat your pet as if they were one of our own. Located in College Point, Queens, ours is one of the last remaining facilities featuring large kennels, each with their own private, fenced-in, outdoor run!


Fully temperature-controlled kennels

Experienced and caring handlers

A clean, sanitary and safe environment

Opportunities for socialization

Lots of outdoor play time, weather permitting

Kennel staff resides on premises

Tours available upon request


A Special Thanks to Michael & Anna LaPeruta of James & Associates for their printing donation to Loving Touch – Newsletters, Invitations, Envelopes and more!!!

Special Mention: Randy Hamerman – who designs our invitations, raffles & programs.


James & Associates - Printing Company

All your printing needs

Address: 85 Rome St, Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone: (631) 663-5111

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