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Sammy was accepted to a Boarding/Training Facility in PA @leadyourK9.  He has been there for several weeks now and has been making progress.  This is a HUGE step in the right direction.  We can’t thank Korean K-9 Rescue enough for spending time with Sammy and suggesting this wonderful program to us in hopes of rehabilitating him so he can live a long and happy life in the right home.  We also want to thank Mike at Doggy Be Good for helping Paul transport Sammy to PA.  It was hard to say goodbye but we knew that this was going to be Sammy’s only chance to be saved. 


If you don’t know Sammy’s rescue story, you can read it here.  Sammy, a beautiful male Jindo mix, was rescued from the streets of Flushing, Queens this past August.  His rescuer assumed that someone was out looking for him since he was wearing a harness and leash. Days & weeks went by and there was still no sign of anyone looking for him and no response to the many posters and social media posts being circulated. We took Sammy into boarding and continued to search for his family. By this point, we realized that we were dealing with a dog that had serious issues. We believe Sammy must have been tied up outdoors because his harness smelled very bad & the latch on his leash wouldn’t open due to extreme rust. He did not know how to walk on a leash and was very aggressive to anyone that approached him.  This particular breed (Jindo) is best as a one-person dog. Sammy formed a bond with Paul. After having many problems with his aggression at the boarding kennel, we were at a loss as to what to do with him. He was not adoptable and dangerous to be around. If sent to a shelter he would surely be euthanized immediately. Our hearts broke for Sammy, an innocent dog with so much life left.  Finally, in mid-November we got in touch with 2 directors at Korean K-9 Rescue, a group that rescues mostly Jindo mix dogs from the meat farms in Korea. After spending time with Sammy, they came to the conclusion that Sammy’s upbringing was the cause of his serious fear and aggression issues and consequently, he was not adoptable. Concerned for Sammy, they told us about a Boarding/Training Facility in PA that they had used for one of their very aggressive rescues. They also told us that it is very costly. Saving Sammy was the most important thing and finding a way to raise the money would come after.     It will take six weeks of training and no one knows how long he will need to be boarded until a home can be found. We are hoping that this March Fundraiser will bring in funds to help with his boarding fees. 

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