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In the Summer of 2005 Loving Touch took on a very large rescue of 28 small breed dogs.  Here is what we reported in our Newsletter.


So Many Tiny Paws, So Many Happy Endings, So Many Reasons Why We Helped!!


This summer Loving Touch had the opportunity to bring an end to two Backyard Breeders!!!   When we received a call for help regarding  two women that breed TEA CUP dogs we were a little unsure of what we might be getting ourselves into if we agreed to help.   After learning that they had a large amount of tea cup sized dogs that they breed and could no longer keep due to one of the lady’s health condition we jumped at the opportunity to save these dogs from ever reproducing again.   If we did not take them they would have been given to pet shops or would have been put to sleep because family members wanted no part of the dogs.


Arrangements were made to take a few dogs at a time, have them vet checked, fixed, given a full check up including teeth cleaning if needed, blood tests, fecal exams, vaccinations, micro chipping and whatever else was needed.  We were very surprised to learn that many of the dogs were not in as good health as we expected them to be coming from breeders.  This is an example of what backyard breeding is all about, breeding over and over again. These particular breeders did not put any of their profits back into the health and care of the dogs they were breeding.    All of the dogs we took in were badly infested with worms, all but two needed dental cleaning and extractions, one male dog had a gall stone the size of an almond and needed a specialist to surgically remove it.  Two male dogs were so over bred that they needed to undergo surgery to repair their penis shaft.  Surprisingly all the dogs tested negative for heartworm.   One Italian Greyhound was kept is such a small crate that her backbone is now permanently bent.  There has been some improvement but she will never be the same.  Many dogs were  undernourished and emaciated.  


Some of the dogs, mostly the greyhounds, found it hard to accept human contact because they were always kept in a crate until they were let out to breed.  It took weeks for them to gain trust in the staff but little by little each came around.  The only ones we are still having some trouble with are the Italian Greyhounds, they seem to need the comfort of each other and that is why it is so important for them to be adopted in pairs.  


The dogs were adorable, very loving and just a pleasure to have around.  Of course they required lots of attention and care which was made possible by the staff at Happy Paws in Deer Park, Long Island which includes Zulma Cruz, Krissy Cruz, Cathy Langevin and Kevin Shannon.  Each day staff members would bathe, feed and care for the dogs, at night the dogs were divided up and taken home to be cared for until they could go back to the shop the following morning.   


Everyone was eager to help the dogs including many of the residents on Long Island who were happy to make donations including toys, blankets and wishes for a happy future.    Applications, phone calls and emails came pouring in for the dogs.   After a review of an application, an extensive phone conversation and reference checks many of the dogs were placed according to the approved homes best suited for them.  There are still a handful of dogs waiting for homes and some bills waiting to be paid.  We hope we can collect enough donations to pay for the medical care these dogs have received.  


All of these dogs have been adopted!  



                     Fiona                                  Coco (right)                          Sophie                                Muffin













             Caesar                               Peggy                                     Dolly                                 Casper
















                    Molly                               Desi                                   Mukki                                      Sadie














               Juliet (right)                                  Elvira                              Clara                               Leo                















              Newton                              Quincy   (right)                                Lucy                                Tommy























Panda when rescued - Panda after adoption      This is Twilla with her first mom (left).  Marianna was  a member of Loving Touch. Sadly, she passed away in March 2006.    Twilla was returned to us.  Here she is 

with her new mom.


*These dogs are still in our care, they have taken a long time to come around and we have not been able to find the right home for them yet.











Kahlua (back), Samantha (front)                   Sarge                             Nikko                     Max                               Scooter


The Italian Greyhounds – Kahlua was too small for breeding so she was kept in a crate most of her life.  As a result of this treatment she has a bent spine.  Kahlua was never around people so she is very nervous around strangers.  Samantha has come around nicely and so have Sarge and Nikko.  These dogs must be adopted in pairs or to someone that already has a dog.  They are very delicate and have very weak legs so they are best for an apt.   Max is a sweetie, he is a male Poodle that was injured at one point in his life.  As a result of the injury his hips are out of line and he was in pain.  He is being treated holistically and is doing very well.   Scooter is a long hair Chihuahua.  He was a bundle of nerves when he came to us but with lots of TLC he is learning to trust people.   


                     Fiona                                   Coco (right)                           Sophie                        Muffin


               Caesar                             Peggy                                   Dolly                                Casper


             Molly                                   Desi                                      Mukki                                  Sadie


             Juliet (right)                            Elvira                        Clara                                   Leo        


             Newton                           Quincy (right)                                 Lucy                               Tommy      

Panda when he first came to us 2005 small breed.bmp
panda after adoption small breed.jpg
marianna replace.png=.png
kahlua  back  and samantha front  small breed.png
serge small breed.png
nikko small breed.jpg
Max 5 years old.jpg
scooter small breed.jpg
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